Ben Olive Mill

Ben Olive Mill – Parapougki Peloponnese

The heart of Greek olive oil tradition

Step into the enchanting world of Greek olive oil at Ben Olive Mill, a pristine gem nestled in the idyllic village of Parapougki, just north of Kalamata on the Peloponnese peninsula. My journey began in July of 2022, when I first visited this family-owned olive estate, and was introduced to the art of olive oil production by Pavlos Kaplanis, a dedicated olive producer with a profound passion for olives.

A journey through time and taste

Surrounded by lush olive groves, the visit was an eye-opening experience through the history and culture of the olive oil extraction process. When the harvest season kicked off in November, I returned to Ben Olive Mill to witness the magic of olive harvesting and production firsthand. This active experience resulted in a beautiful series of recordings that captured the essence of premium quality olive oil making.

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