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The new flavours of Greece – a fusion kitchen.

As mentioned in “my journey”, you won’t find the well-known Greek cuisine here. The boundaries between the original culinary – Greek – traditions are often blurred, and the resulting dishes showcase a seamless integration of flavours, techniques, and ingredients. Fusion cuisine can be inspired by various factors, such as the chef’s cultural background, travel experiences, or regional ingredients.
The book: “The New Flavours of Greece” is available in Dutch and soon in German.

A short explication what you may expect with this new book. A crossover kitchen refers to a culinary approach where two or more distinct culinary styles or dishes are combined to create a new dish that incorporates elements from both. The emphasis is on maintaining the individual characteristics of each culinary tradition while presenting them together in a novel and creative way. Crossover dishes typically display the harmony and contrast between the original dishes or cuisines, often highlighting the similarities and differences between them.
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