My Journey

Γεια σας καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ  –  Hello and a warm Welcome!

My name is Estefano Onatrac, FoodArt & Travel Photographer and I live in the capital Athens.
With the website “Greece Beyond Summer” I want to present this country as a year-round destination, because Greece is more than sun, beach, and Greek salad. Athens has beautiful old stones, but beyond that there is a lot to see, especially in neighbourhoods that you don’t often get to as a tourist. Delphi in March is highly recommended, why? The weather is pleasant and there are hardly any visitors.  The streets are still quiet, and the landscape is just waking up from winter, which can also be cold and snowy in Greece. Arachova near Delphi, for example, is a nice ski resort where many Athenians go at weekends. The Peloponnese is also an ideal destination for beautiful walks and fantastic photo opportunities in the off-season.
Not to forget the islands, which are not desolate, but just much quieter and more authentic. Long walks on the beach without meeting many others is then a pleasure.
You won’t find the well-known Greek cuisine here, but crossover or fusion cuisine. This cuisine is the integration of different regional, national, and international products and preparation methods. Together with two Greek chefs, I have reinterpreted the cuisine of Greece. The recipes are complemented with fine corresponding wines. Just check back here regularly for news of the book!

Pamper your eyes – Greece all year round!

Photographer Estefano Onatrac

© Image by Henrike Schoenen
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